Conversation Skills: The Do’s and the Don’ts

Cosmetology Student with Client

As Beauty Professionals, you are not only seen as a professional Hairstylist, Esthetician, or Nail Technician, but you are sometimes seen as a therapist as well. Whether your clients come to you for a relaxing spa services or upkeep for their haircolor, they choose to come to you not only because of the service you provide, but because you are likable. Salon & Spa services are “Me Time” for your client. You want their experience to be one that is positive and 100% focused on them. Here are a few helpful Do’s and Don’ts:
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Getting the Client to be Yours

Getting the Client to be Yours
By Dana: Future Professional Esthetician at the Academy of Beauty Professionals

All of the branding and marketing of yourself has paid off! You now have your client in the door. Now to give them a great service to make them want to rebook! Here are a few tips on how Dana gets every client to rebook:
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Vince’s Story

On June 2016, I decided to attend The Academy of Beauty Professionals. I wasn’t sure if I was fit for this field knowing that I would have to learn about the curling iron, flat iron, and hair brushing skills. But I had some confidence since there were intelligent individuals who had faith in me, like John.
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Keeping it Professional

Facebook Post Screenshot

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Destiny’s Story

Hello there, my name is Destiny. I’ve always hated my name… It’s too girly, and I have a slight lisp when I pronounce it. When I thought about my name, when I thought about the meaning behind it, I realized how it applies to me. Then I felt a sudden rush of emotions. I felt anxiety, fear, regret, and sadness. As these feelings rushed into my soul, I realized I had no goals, no plan, and no purpose. The worst thing about it was that I had grown to accept that.Continue reading

Axiom #6 – Don’t be a judge

Axiom #6 – Don’t be a judge. We are not Gatekeepers to the beauty industry.

Everyone’s differences make this world unique. How boring would it be if we all liked the exact same things, had the exact same hair and makeup, and dressed the same? Too often we forget how fun it is that no 2 people in this world are the same.
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