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You will grow into a confident and creative professional by going beyond learning the essential technical skills of hair, nails and skin care.

You have the desire, dream, and the drive for the career in barbering – we’re here to help you!  Graduate from our barbering program in just 29 weeks!

You will learn the science of healthy skin and applications to enhance facial features.  Begin hands-on leaning in a spa atmosphere by your second week!

With the combination of theory and practical hands-on training on real clients, you will be learning, hands-on, in a salon/spa atmosphere by in two weeks!


We want to be more than a piece of paper – bringing you confidence, pride, and a new set of skills that can drive you towards a new life and career.


We know cosmetology school isn’t just hair, nails, or a single product line. It’s finding that special mix of skills that gives you your edge.


From our classes to our students, nothing about us is run of the mill. We’re passionate, dedicated, and devoted to the art of beauty.



At the Academy of Beauty Professionals in Green Bay, we believe in empowering individuals with the confidence they need to reach their full potential.

If you share that attitude, a cosmetology career may be just what you’re looking for. There are many possible career paths for cosmetologists in Green Bay; you can specialize in hair, nails, and skin care, or take a deep dive and focus on any one of those specialties.

With four programs to choose from in the Green Bay, Wisconsin beauty school, the Academy of Beauty Professionals will help you master the area that interests you most. We’ve been in the beauty business since 1940 and know what it takes to bring you the confidence and skills for a rewarding life and an exciting career in cosmetology, no matter which path you choose.
At the Academy of Beauty Professionals in Appleton, we’re committed to letting your inner—and outer—beauty shine.
If you’re as interested in bringing out a person’s beauty as we are, consider a career in cosmetology. It’s about more than just hair and nails; there are many areas a cosmetologist in Appleton can specialize in, each serving a unique need in the community.

With four programs to choose from in the Appleton, Wisconsin beauty school, the Academy of Beauty Professionals can help you find the career track that best suits your interests. We’ve been changing lives in Wisconsin since 1940 and know exactly how to prepare you for a thriving career in the beauty industry, regardless of the path you decide to pursue.

Beauty may be skin deep, but a trained cosmetology professional knows how to accentuate an individual’s features and help them put their best face forward. If you’re seeking a rewarding new career in Madison, the Academy of Beauty Professionals might just be the ticket.
A cosmetology career goes deeper than just hair, nails, and skin care. There are many specialties a cosmetologist in Madison can focus on and many places they can work, from salons and barbershops to spas, hotels, and resorts. In Wisconsin’s capital city, there is no shortage of people who desire to look their best.
With four programs to choose from in the Madison, Wisconsin beauty school, the Academy of Beauty Professionals provides specialized instruction in the core areas that interest you most. We’ve been accentuating the inner and outer beauty of Wisconsinites since 1940 and can help you embark on a rewarding new career that can change lives.
At the Academy of Beauty Professionals in Raymore, we believe in accentuating your individuality and showcasing your beauty. After all, the two go hand in hand.
If you believe that attitude and beauty are a winning combination, you’re the perfect candidate for a career in cosmetology. Whether you’d like to focus on haircare, healthy skin, or beautiful nails, there are plenty of opportunities for a cosmetologist in Raymore.

With four programs to choose from in the Raymore, Missouri beauty school, the Academy of Beauty Professionals provides the in-depth instruction to create a solid foundation for a successful cosmetology career, regardless of which area you choose to focus on. We’ve been serving the Midwest since 1940 and have the knowledge to guide you toward a thrilling new career.