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Conversation Skills: The Do’s and the Don’ts

Cosmetology Student with Client

As Beauty Professionals, you are not only seen as a professional Hairstylist, Esthetician, or Nail Technician, but you are sometimes seen as a therapist as well. Whether your clients come to you for a relaxing spa services or upkeep for their haircolor, they choose to come to you not only because of the service you provide, but because you are likable. Salon & Spa services are “Me Time” for your client. You want their experience to be one that is positive and 100% focused on them. Here are a few helpful Do’s and Don’ts:

Do: If you can tell your client is having a rough day, give them a little bit extra TLC. Maybe this means being more soft spoken or giving them a little longer scalp massage with their shampoo.
Don’t: Show that you’re having a rough day.

Do: Support your client when they vent to you about their problems.
Don’t: Complain about your problems.

Do: Use fun conversation starters (Weekend plans, hobbies, positive current events, etc.) These will be a more valuable and fun conversation.
Don’t: Try and talk about the weather, their job, or other topics that may be stressing them out. If they start one of these conversations then roll with it, it’s all about them!

Do: Follow up on things you talked with your client about last time. “I know you mentioned you were going to Florida with your family. How was your vacation?” Make notes in their client file to help you remember!
Don’t: Talk about yourself the entire time

Do: Match your client’s energy level
Don’t: Try and create a conversation if your client is quiet. Some clients like to quietly enjoy their service and don’t need to talk the entire time. Get a good feel for what they are wanting!

Do: Talk about what YOUR CLIENT wants to talk about.
Don’t: Talk about what YOU want to talk about.