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Testimonial: Lauren Stefanek

Cosmetology StudentEveryone has a story. Each student decides to join the community of beauty professionals for different reasons. Sometimes it’s driven by sheer passion, sometimes there is a true entrepreneurial spirit at work with a vision for a business, and sometimes it’s a spectacular combination of the two!

We asked Lauren Stefanek – a current cosmetology student in Green Bay – about her decision to get licensed through the Academy of Beauty Professionals, and here’s what she had to say!

“When I walked into the Academy of Beauty Professionals on my first day, I knew that I had made a positive choice for myself. I knew that I was where I belonged. I walked in knowing that I was most excited about hair color, and that hasn’t changed a bit! I really love being creative with mixing my own color formulas and where I place the color to get a unique affect. The anticipation I feel as I walk the client over to the shampoo bowl to rinse the colors is so thrilling. That, however, does not compare to the joy I feel when I blow dry and style the client’s hair and they finally get to see it! My favorite thing is when they are so happy that they start to get watery-eyed. My goal is to have every person leave my chair with their head held high and a huge smile on their face!! When my clients are happy, I’m happy!! I’m so grateful for this school and for my education!” ~Lauren Stefanek


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