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Testimonials: Teryn and Por

Teryn Romero and Por Vang are current Nail Tech students at the Academy. These two have big dreams! We are so happy to be able to help them work towards those dreams. Here’s what they had to say about Nail Tech, their goals, and their experiences at the Academy of Beauty Professionals…

Teryn Romero: I want to be a nail technician because it seems like an exciting, fun, and profitable career. It also allows me to be as creative as I want. I plan one day, after I gain some experience, to open my own salon. I think I would hire students right out of school to help them start their careers. My dream is to own a house and a shop on the same property. I would call my business Accent Nails by Teryn. I really want to get great at my nail art – one day, I hope I can be as fabulous as my instructor, Pru!

Por Vang: Coming to school is a better way of learning anything new and together with classmates. It helps a lot!I always wanted to do nails and I want to make people happy and smile. Doing nail art is like taking a beautiful picture of nature. I have learned to design on the tiniest of nails and toes. Concentration is key! And commitment. I am getting closer to my goals and dreams everyday! I love everything that I was taught in school and will use the knowledge to build my way to the top!


We work very hard to help students like Teryn and Por reach all of their goals, and then some. If you have big dreams of starting a career in beauty, let us know! We’d love to start that conversation with you – connect with us.