Mentor Spotlight: Miss Karen

Academy of Beauty Professionals Instructor

This week’s Mentor Spotlight is all about our talented cosmetology instructor, Miss Karen! Continue reading to learn about Karen’s passion for the beauty industry.

Q: How long have you worked for the Academy of Beauty Professionals?

A: I have been with ABP coming up on 2 ½ years.

Q: Where did you get your beauty education?

A: Wisconsin College of Cosmetology. I received my Instructor’s Education from Martin’s in Manitowoc.

Q: How did you become interest in beauty?

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Mentor Spotlight: Miss Shelly

Esthetics Instructor Miss Shelly

This week’s Mentor Spotlight is all about our talented instructor, Miss Shelly! Read to find out more about Shelly and discover what inspires her.

Q: How long have you worked for the Academy of Beauty Professionals?
A: My 3 year anniversary was just on the 4th of May.

Q: Where did you get your beauty education?
A: I went to Gill Tech when it was in downtown Appleton.

Q: How did you become interested in beauty?
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Build Your Personal Brand on Instagram as a Stylist

Personal Branding as a Stylist TextInstagram has more than 700 million users, which makes it a perfect channel to showcase your talents to potential clients or employers. In the beauty industry a picture is worth a thousand words!

In today’s digital world it is not uncommon for a client to come in with a picture of a hairstyle, hair color, or makeup look already saved on their phone to show their stylist.

So, whether you are currently attending cosmetology school with plans to become a future stylist, or out working in the industry – Instagram is the perfect platform to establish your personal brand as a stylist.





Follow these essential tips to leverage Instagram for your personal brand:

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The Beauty Industry is having a 90’s Moment

We're Having a 90s MomentThe Beauty Industry is having a 90’s Moment…and we’re not mad about it! They say history repeats itself, and that’s especially true when you take a look at beauty trends throughout the years.

Here are a few trends from the ’90s that we wouldn’t mind getting reacquainted with this spring.

If you owned a choker and butterfly clips, then you will be happy to hear some of these staples from the ’90s are back again!




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10 Ways to Improve Clientele

10 Ways to Improve Clientele TextWritten by Schuyler

One of the most important steps to build your client base is customer service! You have to have excellent customer service in order to succeed and have your clients coming back regularly. Communication is also a HUGE part in keeping clients. What do they want? Why? How are you going to achieve their desired look? They are coming to you because they trust you, and you’re the industry professional. In order to carry out the tasks at hand you have to be confident! Confidence radiates from you to your client. As a result, your client leaves not only looking great, but has the confidence to rock his or her new look as well!


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How to Naturally Fill in Your Brows

How to Naturally Fill in Your Brows TextWritten by: Shantel Cruz

We all know one of the biggest beauty trends in the makeup industry is filling in eyebrows. There are so many different techniques, shapes and, products that can be used. However, in order to master the everyday, natural brow it can only takes a few easy steps! Keep reading to learn how to naturally fill in your brows:

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What makes a great haircut?

What Makes a Great Haircut Text

Discover what a great haircut means to the students at the Academy of Beauty Professionals…

“It is important to cut hair for health and style. People want a haircut that fits their personality, style, and lifestyle. For example, if you are a person that likes to style your hair, you could have any haircut. However, if you are a busy person or don’t like styling hair, long or shoulder length hair with long layers or one length would be ideal because you can put it up in a bun/ponytail or just leave it down because the low maintenance. People like haircuts that fit their lifestyle.” – Dominique


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