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How to Naturally Fill in Your Brows

How to Naturally Fill in Your Brows Blog

Written by: Shantel Cruz

We all know one of the biggest beauty trends in the makeup industry is filling in eyebrows. There are so many different techniques, shapes and, products that can be used. However, in order to master the everyday, natural brow it can only takes a few easy steps! Keep reading to learn how to naturally fill in your brows:

1. First, you are going to want to start with a clean canvas. Make sure your brows are neatly groomed and cleansed.

2. Second, you are going to want to take a spoolie and brush through your eyebrow hairs slightly in an upward motion. This will allow you to find any gaps you may need to fill in.

3. Third, pick up the eyebrow product of your choice, whether that be an eyebrow pencil or pomade you will want to start make short, light strokes that mimic your natural brow. To ensure a natural look, you will want to start on the tail end of the brow and avoid overfilling the head of the brow. For a more dramatic look you can add length to the tail of the brow.

4. After applying product to your brows, go back in with the spoolie to help spread extra product and redefine your brows.

5. Step five is all up to you, but for a more clean and precise look you can take concealer and outline your brows. Then, you want to take a beauty sponge and blend the concealer into your skin.

6. Simply enjoy your brows!

I hope with these simple steps you and everyone else will be able to master the art of the natural brow!