10 Ways to Improve Clientele

10 Ways to Improve Clientele TextWritten by Schuyler

One of the most important steps to build your client base is customer service! You have to have excellent customer service in order to succeed and have your clients coming back regularly. Communication is also a HUGE part in keeping clients. What do they want? Why? How are you going to achieve their desired look? They are coming to you because they trust you, and you’re the industry professional. In order to carry out the tasks at hand you have to be confident! Confidence radiates from you to your client. As a result, your client leaves not only looking great, but has the confidence to rock his or her new look as well!


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How to Naturally Fill in Your Brows

How to Naturally Fill in Your Brows TextWritten by: Shantel Cruz

We all know one of the biggest beauty trends in the makeup industry is filling in eyebrows. There are so many different techniques, shapes and, products that can be used. However, in order to master the everyday, natural brow it can only takes a few easy steps! Keep reading to learn how to naturally fill in your brows:

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What makes a great haircut?

What Makes a Great Haircut Text

Discover what a great haircut means to the students at the Academy of Beauty Professionals…

“It is important to cut hair for health and style. People want a haircut that fits their personality, style, and lifestyle. For example, if you are a person that likes to style your hair, you could have any haircut. However, if you are a busy person or don’t like styling hair, long or shoulder length hair with long layers or one length would be ideal because you can put it up in a bun/ponytail or just leave it down because the low maintenance. People like haircuts that fit their lifestyle.” – Dominique


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Community Involvement: Day Maker Program

Lending a Hand Text

The Academy of Beauty Professionals is proud to give back to the community through the Day Maker Program. The Day Maker program is all about helping members of the community in need. We partner with non-profit organizations in the community as a means to reach people in need. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we welcome those who are unable to afford salon or spa services into our salon for complimentary services.


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Why Choose Beauty?

Word Cloud Image

We asked students at ABP why they decided enrolling in beauty school was right for them and why they want to be a cosmetologist – here is what they had to say…

“When I first started here, I wanted to go into this program because it sounded fun. Now that I’ve been here for a few months I want to do this program for the satisfaction of making the client happy. I enjoy the instant gratification that comes with a job well done. The client just gains so much self-esteem when they feel good about their appearance. I’m going into this field not just for me, but for them!” – Erica

“I enjoy making people feel beautiful and I know how important it is to need a confidence boost when you’re feeling down on yourself.” – Makayla

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Ridiculously Sweet Valentine’s Day Manicure!

Valentine's Day Manicure

Written by Amber McKendry

Hi Guys! Today I’m going to be demonstrating how to do some simple nail art. One that will be perfect for anyone wanting to get their tips ready for Valentine’s Day.

Tools and Supplies: Nail File, Nail Art Dotting Tools, Alcohol, Zip-Top Baggie, Base Coat, Multiple Pink and Purple Nail Polish (2 of each, a pastel and a darker shade), and Top Coat Polish.


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Testimonial: Caitlyn Smyth

Student with Cosmetology Degree

Caitlyn Smyth, 2017 Graduate

I’ll start it off by saying that I definitely think I chose the correct school to go to.

I didn’t want to attend a school that was going to shove a specific brand in my face, and say that this is my only product and only information I’ll learn from. I’ve got friends who are going to different schools, and they don’t like the one brand deal. ABP isn’t that way. It’s a family-run school and that’s what makes it great.

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