Face Your Fears: Beauty School is in Session

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Have you ever thought about enrolling in beauty school, but have let all of your fears hold you back? Well you’re not alone!

The decision to enroll in beauty school is a big commitment – financially and timewise. However, we’re here to help make this opportunity happen for you!

Read on to review common fears of a new beauty school student and understand that you’re not alone!


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Life as a Licensed Esthetician

Life as a Licensed Esthetician


What does an esthetician do?

Estheticians are state licensed health and wellness professionals. For those who are licensed estheticians, careers are available in salons, spas, resorts, and more.

Estheticians are trained skin care specialists, trained to assess and enhance the skin through various treatments and services. In the time of training, esthetics students will learn about the skin structure, growth, nutrition, skin analysis, facials, and more!

To learn about the curriculum and applications covered in the Esthetics Program visit our Esthetics Program Page!

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Becoming a Beauty School Student

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The beauty industry is a very dynamic and exciting industry. Everyone has their own personal reasons as to why they choose to pursue a career in cosmetology. However, they all have one common thread – each individual has gone through the decision process of enrolling in beauty school.

By sharing the ins and outs of becoming a beauty school student, we hope this post will help you with your decision to enroll in cosmetology school!

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Summer Hair Recap

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Summer isn’t over yet, so you can definitely fit these adorable styles into the final days of your summer vacation. Soon enough we’ll be thinking about sweaters, boots, and Starbucks (admittedly, we all love fall here)…but we’ll hold off for a bit longer! Let’s talk summer hair trends that keep us looking effortlessly chic.

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