5 Tips for Dry Hands

We still have a few weeks yet until the temperatures start to rise and we start thinking SPRING! With the dry winter weather many of us suffer from dry skin. We wash our hands multiple times a day to keep the germs away, but this causes our hands to become extremely dry! Here are a few tips to help cure those dry, cracked hands.

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Destiny’s Story

Hello there, my name is Destiny. I’ve always hated my name… It’s too girly, and I have a slight lisp when I pronounce it. When I thought about my name, when I thought about the meaning behind it, I realized how it applies to me. Then I felt a sudden rush of emotions. I felt anxiety, fear, regret, and sadness. As these feelings rushed into my soul, I realized I had no goals, no plan, and no purpose. The worst thing about it was that I had grown to accept that.Continue reading