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Destiny’s Story

Hello there, my name is Destiny. I’ve always hated my name… It’s too girly, and I have a slight lisp when I pronounce it. When I thought about my name, when I thought about the meaning behind it, I realized how it applies to me. Then I felt a sudden rush of emotions. I felt anxiety, fear, regret, and sadness. As these feelings rushed into my soul, I realized I had no goals, no plan, and no purpose. The worst thing about it was that I had grown to accept that.

You may be wondering if I felt this way, why I chose to attend the Academy of Beauty Professionals. Well, I wanted to become a better person for myself. Every time I arrive to school on time, master a new skill, or make a client happy, I learn to love myself more and more. Look at me go! I found that I have so much talent, so much more potential than I ever thought was possible. I now feel like I have a purpose, and made new friends along the way.

As I think about my destiny, so many emotions rush to me. Excited. Proud. Happy. The list could go on and on. Becoming a nail tech is only the beginning of my journey, but I am excited to see what my future holds.