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Why Choose Beauty?

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We asked students at ABP why they decided enrolling in beauty school was right for them and why they want to be a cosmetologist – here is what they had to say…

“When I first started here, I wanted to go into this program because it sounded fun. Now that I’ve been here for a few months I want to do this program for the satisfaction of making the client happy. I enjoy the instant gratification that comes with a job well done. The client just gains so much self-esteem when they feel good about their appearance. I’m going into this field not just for me, but for them!” – Erica

“I enjoy making people feel beautiful and I know how important it is to need a confidence boost when you’re feeling down on yourself.” – Makayla

“I am very passionate about hair and makeup, but most importantly making people feel beautiful.” – Betsy

“The best feeling is knowing you look your absolute best – your hair looks cute and your makeup is perfect. When you feel good about yourself you can do anything…I believe it’s important to look great, so then you can feel even better. Everyone deserves to feel amazing about themselves and deserves to be pampered.” – Sam

“I like the change and excitement in work. Cosmetology offers both change and excitement all the time. The beauty industry is constantly changing. New hair and makeup trends always come and go. I think it’s exciting to further your education and learn all the new trends…Cosmetology offers a lot of freedom and great opportunities.” – Dominique

“With my background in modeling I always had to get my hair and makeup done, and that was always when I felt the most confident about myself. I want other people to be able to feel good about themselves as well. The better you feel about yourself, the happier you’ll be.” – Karly

“I enjoy working in customer service and making people feel better about themselves if that means the perfect color, cut, or perm. I feel like I have a natural feel for cosmetology. I make sure my clients are happy.” – Amanda

“I like to make clients happy with their looks. I want to be a professional hairstylist like the Youtubers and Guy Tang inspires me. I want to own my own business in the future. Being a cosmetologist is something I’ve been wanting to do since I was 16.” – Lena

“I did hair and makeup for my school theatre programs. Beauty is something I have always had a passion for and by becoming a cosmetologist I hope to help people feel good about themselves and find their own inner beauty.” – Carlee

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