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Community Involvement: Day Maker Program

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The Academy of Beauty Professionals is proud to give back to the community through the Day Maker Program. The Day Maker program is all about helping members of the community in need. We partner with non-profit organizations in the community as a means to reach people in need. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we welcome those who are unable to afford salon or spa services into our salon for complimentary services.

The act of kindness is deeply-rooted in the culture of ABP and we have been participating in the Day Maker since 2003 as Martin’s College of Cosmetology. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase Day Maker, it all began with David Wagner and his personal experience with helping someone in need. To read about David’s story visit:

After David’s experience with this client, he began to realize the extreme impact Day Making can have on an individual. This story inspired our founder, John Martin, to build upon the Day Maker concept and include it as a service to help those in need in our communities. Therefore, we are committed to carrying on the tradition of helping those in need to look and feel their best.

If you know of any organizations that could benefit from our Day Maker Program, please reach out to us at!