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Signs You Should be a Cosmetologist

Signs You Should be a Cosmetologist Blog Post Image

1.Beauty bloggers are your mentors.

Do you find yourself watching hours of hair and makeup tutorials? If you find yourself religiously following beauty influencers, then cosmetology may be right for you! Staying up through the wee hours of the night watching tutorials is not just a hobby – it may be your calling. Trust us – we’ve been there ;).

2.You watch for product releases.

You can’t contain your excitement when a new hair or makeup product is about to drop. It’s necessary that you give it a try for yourself. After all, you are the beauty guru!

3.Your friends look to you for makeup and hair help.

Do your friends ask for your expertise when it comes to their makeup and hair? Or do you feel that innate sense of satisfaction when your friend asks you to do their hair or makeup?! If you thoroughly enjoy helping your friends with their looks, then cosmetology is right for you. You have a natural talent and it would be a waste not to share it!

4.Creativity feeds your soul.

Love trying new looks? Hair and makeup is truly an art. If you find yourself using hair and makeup as a creative outlet, then maybe it’s time to consider a career path that would allow you to channel your creativity every day!

5.Traditional – post secondary school isn’t for you.

Do you dread the thought of college because you know it’s just not the right fit? Are you currently attending college, but feel like your sought after major just isn’t your calling? Unlike traditional schools, cosmetology school is hands-on and interactive. You can also graduate within a year. If you feel college just isn’t for you, cosmetology may be your calling.

6.The job possibilities excite you.

Did you know the beauty industry is a billion dollar industry? As a licensed cosmetologist, you have an infinite number of job opportunities and ventures to take on. From hairstylist, salon owner, product sales, salon manager, cosmetic buyer, the possibilities are endless!

7.You love spreading the love!

At the end of the day, cosmetologists have the opportunity to make others feel confident. If you love helping others feel good then you know what to do…connect with us to explore enrollment dates and discover what tuition assistance may be available to you!