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The Advantages of Being a Stylist

Advantages of Being a Stylist Blog Image

As with any new job, you quickly learn about the little things that really make your job worthwhile. As for the beauty industry, it is filled with a wide range of little perks that make the job just that much more rewarding! Although these little bonuses may not be your sole reason to enter this industry, they definitely give you a reason to stay! 🙂

Here are a few perks that come with being a stylist:

• Meeting new faces and sharing their story
Given the nature of the hair industry, it gives you the opportunity to meet new, interesting people on a daily basis – while also allowing you to get to know them on a personal level. It’s an amazing feeling to build a relationship with clients you wouldn’t have otherwise met.

Being a stylist is truly an experience that truly comes full circle – you can feel good about developing a relationship with a client and help make them feel great about themselves. In turn, your client also gets to enjoy your company and leaves feeling confident and refreshed!

 Generally flexible hours
While this may vary from establishment to establishment, most salons keep their hours pretty flexible. As a stylist, you have the freedom to structure your work schedule in a way that works for you!

 Creative outlet
Being a very creative person, it can be difficult to find a job that allows you to utilize your creative geniuses! However, in the hair industry, you will be able to have the freedom to create new designs on a day-to-day basis. Hair varies from client to client – Helllooo opportunities to create something new! Working with clients to achieve their desired look, matched with your creative and professional insights can make for a very beautiful pairing!

• Sociable environment
Do you enjoy talking to people and learning more about them? If you answer yes, then a career in this industry is perfect for you. While some salons may have a stigma of being a “place of gossip,” that’s not the case for all of them! You’ll find it not only enjoyable to talk with your clients, but the people you work with as well. Enjoy coming into work knowing that you’re in great company!

• Opportunity for training and career advancement
This is definitely a perk of being a stylist that not everyone capitalizes on! The beauty industry changes rapidly. Styles come and go constantly. It is your job to stay on top of the latest trends, and most importantly obtain the skill set to execute new trends for your clients.

Being a stylist, you truly learn the in’s and out’s of business. The ability to manage the expectations of clients, multitask, and prioritize makes you an invaluable asset to any salon. Always take the opportunity to build upon your skills in this industry, because you ultimately are in control of the career you pursue.

The beauty industry is full of opportunity and you can really achieve what you set your mind to. Whether your goals align with owning your own salon, working at a salon, or whatever career you choose to pursue – you can get there if you put in the work! Visit our Cosmetology Program Page to explore career options for a licensed cosmetologist!