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DIY Tallow Balm: All-Natural Moisturizer!

All-Natural DIY Text

Written by: Amy Vandenlangenberg

Many lotions and balms on the market today contain preservatives and all sorts of chemicals and oil byproducts. It can be hard to find a good product with good ingredients… Fortunately, tallow balm is a nourishing and all-natural product that you can make at home, and it’s so easy!

Tallow is rendered animal fat, either from cows or sheep. It has been used for hundreds of years and can be found in many commercially-made beauty products today.


Why use tallow? Tallow does not readily go rancid, and can easily be stored without needing refrigeration. It contains vitamins such as A, D, E, and K, and is easily absorbed into the skin. It’s safe to ingest, as well!


To make a homemade tallow balm, you will need just 3 ingredients:

  • 2.6 oz. beef tallow
  • 1.4 oz. sweet almond oil
  • .2 oz. fragrance or essential oil

You will also need a heat-safe, microwavable container and a 4 oz. jar or container to keep your product in.


To make your tallow balm:

  1. Heat the beef tallow in the microwave in 30-second bursts until it is fully melted.
  2. Once the tallow is melted, you may add your sweet almond oil and fragrance and mix them in.
  3. Let the mixture cool slightly and then pour in to a sanitized jar.
  4. Let the mixture solidify.

Once the mixture solidifies, it is ready to us on elbows, feet, hands, or any area of dry skin!


Nail Technology Student

Amy Vandenlangenberg

is a current Nail Tech student

in Green Bay, WI.