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Life as a Licensed Esthetician – What do Estheticians Do?

Life as a Licensed Esthetician

If you are passionate about skin care and helping others, a career as an esthetician may be right for you. What do estheticians do? As state licensed health and wellness professionals, their primary role is helping people achieve healthy and beautiful skin. They help clients manage skin conditions, prevent premature aging, and enhance their natural beauty. 

What do estheticians do?

Estheticians are trained skin care specialists who expertly assess and enhance the skin through various treatments and services. They use a variety of techniques and products to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, and protect the skin. Estheticians may also provide treatments for specific skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. 

Cosmetology school provides esthetics students with training in areas including skin structure, growth, nutrition, skin analysis, facials, and more. Upon completion of their education and licensing requirements, estheticians can choose careers in a wide variety of settings, including salons, spas, resorts, and more. 

To learn about the curriculum and applications covered in the Esthetics program, visit our Esthetics Program page!

What services do estheticians provide? 

When anyone asks a member of our team, what do estheticians do?, there is never one simple answer. Services offered truly depend on the type of environment in which an esthetician works. In a salon setting, for example, available services vary depending on the types of certifications held by the esthetician. Examples of traditional treatments an esthetician may offer include:

  • Waxing and Hair Removal
  • Makeup Applications
  • Facials and Peels
  • Body Wraps
  • Eyelash Applications
  • Skin Consultations

However, estheticians are not limited by these traditional practices. As previously mentioned, a licensed esthetician may obtain certifications in many different areas. For instance, they might receive eyelash extension training through a certified professional, which would allow them to offer eyelash extension services to their clients.

Estheticians have the opportunity to broaden their service offerings through certifications. They can specialize in any area of esthetics they are passionate about, whether that is skincare treatments, makeup techniques and applications, or other services.

What career opportunities are available to a licensed esthetician?

Estheticians typically work in salons and spas, but some may also work independently or in other settings, such as medical clinics or dermatologists’ offices. They may also work in the cosmetic industry, developing and testing new skin care products.

Specific career opportunities available to estheticians include:

  • Medical Esthetician
  • Makeup Artist
  • Brand Representative
  • Brand Trainer/Beauty Educator
  • State Board Licensing Examiner
  • Salon/Spa Manager
  • Beauty Advisor/Salesperson
  • Cosmetics Buyer
  • Beauty Blogger
  • Salon/Spa Esthetician
  • Salon/Spa Owner

How do I become an esthetician?

Visit our ‘connect with us’ page and fill out the form to discover how you can become a licensed esthetician. Schedule a career planning session with our admission director and get all your questions answered!

We will go over class start dates, schedules, and financial aid options are available to those who qualify!