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DIY Foot Soak: Rose, Lemon, and Green Tea

Foot SoakRose Lemon Green Tea Foot Soak

Written by: Anna Lor


What you’ll need:

Foot bowl/Tub

4 Tea bags or ½ cup of dried green tea flakes

1 whole lemon

Warm-Hot water

1-2 Roses


Helps with foot odor, smoothes cracked skin, and reduces itchy irritated skin


  • Prep:
    • Slice Lemons in circles
    • Pick out rose pedals
  • Directions:
  1. Fill foot tub half way with warm-hot water.

Foot Bath

2. Add Green Tea bags/dried flakes and let sit for about 2 minutes.

Tea Foot Soak

3. Casually add in sliced lemons while gently stirring.


4. Add in rose pedals and enjoy for about 8-10 minutes!

Rose Petals



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