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What makes a great haircut?

What Makes a Great Haircut Blog Picture

Discover what a great haircut means to the students at the Academy of Beauty Professionals…

“It is important to cut hair for health and style. People want a haircut that fits their personality, style, and lifestyle. For example, if you are a person that likes to style your hair, you could have any haircut. However, if you are a busy person or don’t like styling hair, long or shoulder length hair with long layers or one length would be ideal because you can put it up in a bun/ponytail or just leave it down because the low maintenance. People like haircuts that fit their lifestyle.” – Dominique

“Good haircuts are important because you want perfect hair to style with every day. You want your hair to fall beautifully on yourself. You also want clients to love you and come back because you give them haircuts that complement their look. Good haircuts are important because it is the most important part of our body that reflects our personality” – Lena

“You don’t want an unhappy client. Your client is a big part of the word of mouth advertising and that one satisfied customer could bring you 5-10 more clients. Always do your best work, because it will keep the client at hand happy, your reputation pristine, and helps build clientele.” – Tracy

“A great haircut is important because it can boost your professional image, self-esteem, and confidence because your hair is healthy and strong.” – Cassie

“A great haircut is being able to give the client exactly what they want. When the client comes in and tells or shows you what look they are going for and you are able to give them that look they leave looking and feeling awesome. That is a great haircut.” – Sam

“A great haircut is important because it will enhance confidence and the ability to control someone’s hair. I feel like the more knowledge someone has about their hair, the more confident they feel and more confident they will be about taking care of their own hair. It’s important to be able to teach clients how to maintain and control their hair, especially if they have curly hair.” – Makayla

“A good haircut is important because it will make your client look their best; therefore, leave them feeling their best. This will also keep them coming back to you continuously if they are satisfied with your service.” – Carlee

“A good quality haircut is important because it makes the hair flow so much nicer. A haircut that is cut in a way to compliment the face can really transform someone’s appearance.” – Erica

“Giving your client a great haircut is important because you want your client to feel confident and happy with how they look. Your work also reflects on how successful you will be and determines whether or not your client will return.” – Betsy

“You’re in this business to service others and make them feel good about themselves, and if you give someone a bad haircut, it could hurt their self-confidence. Giving clients a good haircut is important because it will keep them coming back.” – Karly