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Vince’s Story

On June 2016, I decided to attend The Academy of Beauty Professionals. I wasn’t sure if I was fit for this field knowing that I would have to learn about the curling iron, flat iron, and hair brushing skills. But I had some confidence since there were intelligent individuals who had faith in me, like John.

I came to The Academy of Beauty Professionals because I wanted a better future for myself and my kids. First off, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My mother was a single parent. She was involved in domestic abuse by her significant other. My brothers, sisters, and I were taken away from my mother due to her drug addiction. Somehow she overcame her drug addiction and worked every single last muscle she had in her body to get her kids back. In the year 2000, my family came to Green Bay, Wisconsin. We wanted to get away from all the negativity and better our lives. But that didn’t work out for me as I had hoped. I was picked on as a little kid because I didn’t know the basics in reading, writing, and other skills since as a kid I was bounced around from school to school and from house to house. I became angry at my mother, and the world. Law enforcement did not even matter to me. I spent my whole teenage life in Brown County Jail and served more time in my twenties. A good friend of mine goes by the name of Ian Martin, sat me down to lecture me about making the right decisions. I took his advice I started hanging around people that wanted to accomplish things in life. The more I was applying this to my life, the more I started seeing good results. In my first 6 weeks in the classroom with Joan, she motivated me to never say you can’t, and when I didn’t know a question she would say “Vince you know this stuff don’t second guess yourself.” When I finally made it out to the performance area which is dependent on experience, Pru shared her personal experience of when she first came out on to the floor and gave me tips on dressing professional. Some clients will judge you, but she said “Vince I want you to succeed in this career”.
My experience being at The Academy of Beauty Professionals was phenomenal. They allow me to be myself, and supported me when I was down. I couldn’t ask for more. My confidence level has skyrocketed, thanks to John, Pru, Ian, and Joan for seeing potential in me.
Vince - Academy of Beauty Professionals Student