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Getting the Client to be Yours

Getting the Client to be Yours
By Dana: Future Professional Esthetician at the Academy of Beauty Professionals

All of the branding and marketing of yourself has paid off! You now have your client in the door. Now to give them a great service to make them want to rebook! Here are a few tips on how Dana gets every client to rebook:

1. Being kind is most important. Simply chat about the weather, or compliment your client. “You look great! I’m so glad you are here today with me. Are you excited for your facial?”

2. Organization. Your room has to be set up. This makes you happier and clients don’t want you to be stressed. Exceptional planning in order to stay on top of which appointments you have this week. Example: Monday you have a 10am facial; you should be ready to prepare for your service at 9:40am.

Clients need positive remarks or positive suggestions. If you don’t know something it is okay to go and research to find the answer. Your client will appreciate knowing that you went above and beyond to give them the correct information – it is okay to learn!

Get to know the products correctly, intelligently, and honestly! The manual for Bioelements is always available. While performing a facial it is helpful that you talk about each product and how beneficial it is. No one is going to read for you, reading is important. Example: “Advanced VitaMineral Deep Detox Mask is a lovely detox mask. You can custom blend it, Mary, and it will help with your stress right now and eventually the pigmented spots on your lower chin. Let’s start with that lower chin area and work our way all over the décolleté and face. How does this feel? It is my favorite because it filters out toxins with activated coconut charcoal.” When you know the products you can perform a confident facial as well as conversation the client will absolutely enjoy.

The power of words are important to allow a client to trust your service or the experience and want to come back and maintain the beauty you just started.

3. Rebooking. Taking a first no isn’t a sign that’s acceptable to me. I believe people just say no because they have an obsession to it or they didn’t hear you. Obviously you need to use your better judgement if the service wasn’t good and they’re concerned have them book with another student.

4. No one is too busy to ever relax or take care of themselves. We will find an available time that works for you. Taking care of yourself and mind is number 1.

5. If the client cannot decide on a time that will work for them, just pick a day and time and say “I’ll just put you down for Wednesday at 2pm and if anything changes just let us know.” The worst that can happen is a client will reschedule or show up on the day you decided for them. Some clients like that you can do it all and think for them. Where some like to choose what will work best for their schedule.