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Testimonial: Caitlyn Smyth

Student with Grad Certificate

Caitlyn Smyth, 2017 Graduate

I’ll start it off by saying that I definitely think I chose the correct school to go to.

I didn’t want to attend a school that was going to shove a specific brand in my face, and say that this is my only product and only information I’ll learn from. I’ve got friends who are going to different schools, and they don’t like the one brand deal. ABP isn’t that way. It’s a family-run school and that’s what makes it great.

We have a variety of product and product lines that we learn many, instead of one brand. We’ve gotten so many new products in recently (ex. BioElements), and I’m so excited to learn how to use them. Dave (the owner and president) makes sure that we are his main concern and his top priority. He is an amazing person, and cares so much about our education and making sure we feel comfortable in school.

When I first started at ABP I knew there were things that were going to be changing. I started six months after the school had opened. I also want to say that every school is going to have its pros and cons, no place is going to be perfect. We’ve had a lot of changes since February and all of it has been amazing. We have two new amazing instructors who keep us on track and keep us their first priority.

Mrs. Elaine is insanely talented and so knowledgeable about everything. Mrs. Angela is incredible with both aesthetics and cosmetology. There’s so much to learn from both of them, and I pick their brains on the daily to get as much information before I graduate.

A couple of new things we have gotten since I’ve been here, new hydraulic chairs, new fashion colors, new product lines, new tools and supplies. We also recently had a bunch of training seminars for different things, including Wella Color, Keratin Complex Training, & makeup training. We went on salon visits which really help to get the feel of the field we will be going into when we graduate.

I personally believe that I’ve gotten the education I deserve for the price I paid. I’m in the cosmetology program, yet I get the extra training in esthetics because they want us to get the best education we can.

All in all, I had an amazing time at ABP and I feel like I got a wonderful education while I was here, I’ve learned more than most since I’ve been here. I’m not nervous at all for my State Boards because I know I’ve learned everything I need to learn. I can’t wait to get out in the field.

Thank you, ABP.