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Starting Your Cosmetology Career

Starting Your Cosmetology Career Blog Post

Maybe you’ve always had a slight interest in cosmetology, but never knew it was something you should seriously pursue. It could have started when you found yourself styling your doll’s hair, then maybe playing with your own (possibly taking it upon yourself to color it at home).

Your friends have probably asked you to style their hair. They think you’re talented when it comes to hair and makeup, and you enjoy doing it. Now it’s now surprise you’ve found yourself here considering going to cosmetology school!

Our school is filled with students just like you. Follow along for a brief explanation of everything you need to know before you start your cosmetology career.

What is Cosmetology?

Before you enroll in Cosmetology school, it is a good idea to understand what a career in the beauty industry really means. A cosmetology license can lead you to careers in the following areas:

• Haircutting, color, and styling
• Nail Care, Manicuring, and Pedicuring
• Makeup Artistry
• Skin Care

All of these careers possess a wide variety of client-based services. Once you go to cosmetology school for training and receive your license, you can choose to pursue the services that you are passionate about most.

If you find that you have a passion for one – or all of these areas, then you should seriously explore cosmetology schools to find out if “life as a cosmetologist” is right for you!

Why Attend Cosmetology School?

Every state mandates that a cosmetologist must complete cosmetology school and become licensed in order to practice in the state.

To legitimately work in this field you would have to attend school to receive your certification, which would then prepare you to take your state board exam. Once you have passed your state board exams, you will be licensed to perform services!

Laws and regulations vary upon location. When you enroll at the Academy of Beauty Professionals, we work with you to ensure that you are well prepared for your state exams.

Cosmetology school will not only provide you with the technical knowledge of hair, skin, and nails – you will also learn about what it takes to be a success in the industry – more specifically on the business side.

You will also learn how to market your services effectively, how to stay up-to-date with state and federal work guidelines, ways to improve client relations, and the importance of continued education.

Are you ready to learn?

Cosmetology school is hard work, but it’s worth it! For most people, the excitement comes from the hands-on learning experience you get in cosmetology school.

Here are the following subjects you can expect to learn during your time in cosmetology school:

• Massage
• Haircutting & Styling
• Color Theory
• Wave Reformation
• Skincare & Makeup Applications
• Presentation
• Business
• Electricity
• Anatomy
• Infection Control

All of these concepts and applications will pertain to your skills no matter what area of the beauty industry you decide to specialize in.

Who can enroll in Cosmetology School?

Requirements to enroll in cosmetology school vary between location and school. Connect with us to learn about our requirements, class schedules, and career opportunities!