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Safety Standards at the Academy of Beauty Professionals

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You may have heard recent horror stories about people getting serious infections and even sometimes losing limbs at salons that do not adhere to proper safety and sanitation guidelines. Well we want to tell you the safety guidelines that our schools practice to make sure that this NEVER happens to one of our clients.


At the Academy of Beauty Professionals, our students are  taught strict safety and sanitation standards. They use single-use disposable implements. They also learn how to spot possible infections that could spread disease from person to person, such as tinea pedis (fungus) and verruca (warts). If you know or think you may have an infectious disease, it is always best to seek treatment and guidance from a medical doctor rather than from your manicurist. Nail technicians are only able to treat healthy hands and feet.

Our students are also taught safe practices that ensure living tissue on the feet is not damaged or removed. Calluses are the body’s way of protecting your feet from harm. It is best to first smooth a callus, then remove it. Cutting the living tissue would force the body to repair itself quickly, only allowing the callus to regrow faster and thicker. Know that it is important to avoid salons that use credo blades that are designed to cut the calluses off of one’s feet. This practice is illegal in most states. This practice also leads to the increased chance of infection and injury. Plus, can you guarantee that your salon is disposing of the blades after every use? Not really…

Did you ever wonder why our schools don’t use those fancy pedicure chairs with the whirlpool tubs? It’s because those tubs are a huge culprit of spreading infections in nail salons! It’s incredibly difficult to completely sanitize the water in those tubs after each use. So instead, our schools use portable tubs of water that are completely scrubbed and sanitized after each use.

Never be afraid to ask see credentials and certificates of training from your salon!


Written by Amy VandenLangenberg and Hannah Moran