Keeping it Professional

Facebook Post Screenshot

Did you know that your social media profiles are becoming just as important as your resume when applying for a job? Now more than ever, employers are looking at your social media profiles both to seek candidates for a position or will look at your social media before inviting you in for an interview.

As beauty professionals, social media is a great place to showcase our work. However, if we put our “dirty laundry” on Facebook, it may be a turn-off for future employers. Employers want to make sure that even outside of work you are representing their company well. This also goes for comments – your employer won’t want to see “Work was terrible today! I can’t wait until the week is over.”

Some may say “well that’s why I have my social media set to private.” Something to keep in mind is that if the employer has a mutual friend, there are still ways around the privacy barrier. You also don’t want to worry about that awkward moment when your manager (or co-worker) sends you a friend request on Facebook and you panic about what they will see. It is better to be safe than sorry! If you have any hesitation when you’re about to post a status or a picture, it is better to just not post it. Just remember to keep your posts & pictures positive & professional!