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Graduate Spotlight: Lauren

"It’s funny, growing up I always joked about doing hair or running my own salon one day. Now, I’m actually doing it.”

Meet Lauren! She’s a talented graduate from the Cosmetology program. She began her journey at Academy of Beauty Professionals: Appleton, WI before transferring to and graduating from our Academy of Beauty Professionals: Madison, WI location. Lauren provided a testimony about her beauty passion and her experiences within the beauty industry.

If you’re passionate about any aspect of the beauty industry, there’s a chance you’ve thought about pursuing a career in beauty. Whether you’re exploring the field or you’re ready to take the plunge – getting to hear the first-hand experience from a previously enrolled learner gives you the inside perspective you’ve been looking for. Here is an exclusive interview with Lauren.

What made you decide to become part of the Academy of Beauty Professionals family and attend cosmetology school?

Well, coming out of high school I had a totally different path I wanted to take for a career, but then I realized that was not for me. So, then I started looking at beauty schools, and I really liked what the Academy of Beauty Professionals had to offer for their training/learning program. I love that the Instructors strive to push you to be the best hairstylist you can be for when you get out on your own!

What was one of your favorite experiences at school?

One of my favorite experiences was my very first client I ever took on the performance area. It was a perm, and I was so nervous, but it turned out great and the client absolutely loved it! It made me feel so great inside to know that I did that and overall made her feel more confident with her hair and herself.

Are there are words of advice that you would give to either future graduates or perspective students?

If I could give any advice, it would be to take as many clients as you can. It’s the best way to learn and get yourself in there. You’re going to make mistakes, but realizing that it’s ok because you are learning makes all the difference.

Lauren graduated from Academy of Beauty Professionals in August, 2022.  She is currently working at Studio Z Salon and Spa in Monona, WI and absolutely loving every minute of it! 

At Studio Z Lauren has begun their “assist to floor program” which she will continue on with her training. Once she completes this training then she will continue on as a designer for the company.

Congratulations Lauren, we’re proud of all your hard work and dedication and are excited for your future!