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Mentor Spotlight: All About Eve

This Mentor Spotlight is all about Miss Eve!

Eve has been an ABP Coach at our Madison school since March of last year, but her relationship to the Martin family dates back to the days of Martin’s College of Cosmetology, previously operated by the Martins. She acquired her Beauty education at the IBA Beauty Institute in Madison, WI, Harlod’s Salon in London, England, Gimbels Styling Salon in Madison, Marshall Fields Salon in Madison, J.C. Penny’s in Charleston, SC, Tropical Hair Hut in Goose Creek, SC, Lord & Lou’s Barber Shop in Madison, ETC Master Barber Shop in Madison, Madison College, Martin’s College of Cosmetology, and Regency Beauty Institute.

We wanted to hear Eve’s story, so we had a Q&A with her and learned a lot! Here’s a summary of that interview:

Q: How did you get interested in beauty?

Eve: My grandma was licensed in 1938, so I had seen it my entire life. I had forgotten about that until I had to ask Grandma for money one day. She asked me, “What will you do with it?” I said, “I need a car to get to Beauty School.” She replied, “Just following in Grandma’s footsteps…” I replied, “Yup!” What she didn’t know was that I was lying… I just needed the money! (Sorry, Grandma!) The truth was that I was working as a Receptionist at Haircuts Salon when it first came to Madison. I was fascinated by my manager, who could cut ten heads in one hour! The combination of my Grandmother’s experiences and my manager’s talent inspired me to go to Beauty School.

Q: What is the best part of your job as an ABP Mentor/Coach?

Eve: I love seeing the joy after my students have completed the program. It makes my career so rewarding. I actually can say I played a small part in whatever they accomplish in the rest of their lives.

Esthetics Instructor with Cosmetology Graduate
Ms. Eve with recent Cosmetology graduate, Poonam

Q: What is your favorite service to perform, and why?

Eve: My favorite service to give is a haircut. I’m all about the “total look.” I just love the finish!

Q: What is your favorite movie?

Eve: “The Remains of the Day”

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Eve: Gordon Nelson. I would love to zap every ounce of creativity and knowledge that he had. RIP – love you!

Q: Tell us something else we don’t know about you.

Eve: I have a bucket list that I get to cross big things off of regularly!

Cosmetology Instructor with Student

Stay tuned for more Mentor Spotlights!