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Summer Hair Recap Blog Image

Summer Hair Recap

Summer isn’t over yet, so you can definitely fit these adorable styles into the final days of your summer vacation. Soon enough we’ll be thinking about sweaters, boots, and Starbucks (admittedly, we all love fall

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Signs You Should be a Cosmetologist Blog Post Image

Signs You Should be a Cosmetologist

1.Beauty bloggers are your mentors. Do you find yourself watching hours of hair and makeup tutorials? If you find yourself religiously following beauty influencers, then cosmetology may be right for you! Staying up through the

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Advantages of Being a Stylist Blog Image

The Advantages of Being a Stylist

As with any new job, you quickly learn about the little things that really make your job worthwhile. As for the beauty industry, it is filled with a wide range of little perks that make

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Let's Talk Beauty

Beauty Must-Haves

Do you ever feel like the hunt for the perfect beauty product comes with a lot of trial and error? You’re not alone! In this weeks blog post we hope to take some of the

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Cosmetology Instructor Dawn

Mentor Spotlight: Miss Dawn

This week’s Mentor Spotlight is all about our talented cosmetology instructor, Miss Dawn. Continue reading to learn where Dawn’s passion for the beauty industry started and find out some little unknown facts about her! Q: How

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