The Beauty Industry is having a 90’s Moment

We're Having a 90s MomentThe Beauty Industry is having a 90’s Moment…and we’re not mad about it! They say history repeats itself, and that’s especially true when you take a look at beauty trends throughout the years.

Here are a few trends from the ’90s that we wouldn’t mind getting reacquainted with this spring.

If you owned a choker and butterfly clips, then you will be happy to hear some of these staples from the ’90s are back again!




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10 Ways to Improve Clientele

10 Ways to Improve Clientele TextWritten by Schuyler

One of the most important steps to build your client base is customer service! You have to have excellent customer service in order to succeed and have your clients coming back regularly. Communication is also a HUGE part in keeping clients. What do they want? Why? How are you going to achieve their desired look? They are coming to you because they trust you, and you’re the industry professional. In order to carry out the tasks at hand you have to be confident! Confidence radiates from you to your client. As a result, your client leaves not only looking great, but has the confidence to rock his or her new look as well!


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