Why You Should Become a Cosmetologist in 2019

Why You Should Become a Cosmetologist in  2019

Something about the start of the New Year just feels so refreshing! Another New Year, another new beginning. Each New Year brings another 365 opportunities to live the life you want!

With that being said – what do you plan to do with your 365 opportunities?! Pick up a new hobby? Develop healthier lifestyle habits? Start a new career?

Chances are if you’re reading this, you have some type of interest in the beauty industry. Doing makeup or hair may already even be one of your hobbies. If you haven’t thought about it already, what about making this the year you decide to pursue a career you’re actually interested in?!

Perhaps your current job is not as fulfilling as you thought it might be, or you are a new graduate trying to explore career options – whatever position you find yourself in, you owe it to yourself to pursue your dreams! (Yes, we’re getting a tad cheesy/motivational, but we’re talking about your career). On average, people spend approximately 13 years of their lives at work…13 years!

Life is too short to spend that much time at a job that doesn’t provide you with some sort of fulfillment.

You may have found yourself reading this post because: 1. You have an interest in the beauty industry. 2. You’re exploring career options. 3. You’re interested in making a career change. Make this the year you use your 365 opportunities to make a change for yourself, and pursue a rewarding career in the beauty industry.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are just a few reasons you should pursue a cosmetology career this year…

1. Work with people.
As a stylist, you will have the opportunity to talk with your clients and coworkers throughout the day. If you enjoy meeting new people, you will thoroughly enjoy life as a cosmetologist!

2. Instant gratification.
If you love that warm and fuzzy feeling you get after you help someone, cosmetology is right for you! As a stylist, you have the ability to make your clients feel good about themselves on a daily basis!

3. Creativity.
Clients will look to you for your creative advice about what to do with their hair. As an industry expert, you will be able to look at a person and recommend a style that will enhance their look!

4. Get to work quickly.
It’s possible to complete cosmetology school and receive your license within one year. Avoid working in an office. Cosmetology careers are active and require you to be on your feet for most of the day. If you love moving around and being creative throughout the day, then you will love being a cosmetologist!

6. Entrepreneurship.
Are you interested in building your own business? Stylists have the opportunity to open their own business, build their own clientele, and set their own hours!

7. Income.
If you are personable and do a great job, then you will likely have repeat customers that will also give you referrals! As a cosmetologist, you have the chance to build upon your skills, which directly impacts your earning potential.

Put your 365 days to good use and explore what your life could be like with a career in cosmetology! Connect with us! 

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