Is Cosmetology School Hard?

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Is Cosmetology School Hard?

Cosmetology school can differ from traditional schools. Why?! Because it offers a unique learning environment. You learn in both the classroom and hand on in the performance floor. Typically if students have struggled with a traditional learning environment, like high school, they find cosmetology school to be easier. The great thing about cosmetology is it integrates both types of learning styles!

To become a licensed cosmetologist the state requires you to pass the state licensing exam. Students who struggle with taking tests tend to dread the idea of taking a state exam; however, we have several tips and tools that prepare our students for the written and practical exam – no matter what your learning style is!

Classroom Learning

Cosmetology school programs begin in the classroom. Similar to a science class, you have to learn the foundation before you work in the lab…or in this case on the performance floor! We understand everyone has different learning styles and try to adapt to our student’s needs, in or outside of the classroom.

Hands-On Learning

Once you grasp the basic understanding of safety, sanitation procedures, and other basic concepts, you will spend less time in the classroom and more time actually using the different products and techniques that you have talked about.

Cosmetology school is all about learning the subject, then practicing the principle yourself! This is exciting because everyone is always going to have a unique approach to how they perform different services.

Salon Ready

We focus on providing practical knowledge and applications that you will use long after you graduate from cosmetology school. This means that you will be out on the salon floor learning all that you can! Besides learning the information you need to pass your state exam, you will learn the ins and outs of customer service, building a client base, and essential business skills you will need in the beauty industry. Giving you salon experience will help you learn what services clients prefer and how to best serve them – putting you ahead of the game once you graduate.

So, is cosmetology school hard? Not when you use the tools that are available to help you succeed!

If you’re thinking about enrolling in cosmetology school, but just can’t decide if it’s right for you, chat with our director of enrollment services. We’re here to help you! Connect with us.

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