How Often Should We Really Shampoo?

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How often should we really shampoo?

I think it’s safe to say many of us are all too familiar with the complex workings of a hair wash cycle. You know that morning conversation we have with ourselves…

“Do I have to wash today, or will my dry shampoo help me pull through another day?!”

Well, let’s start with the basics.

Why we shampoo.

Shampoo helps water remove dirt, debris, and odors. Shampoo also removes oil. The hair gets its oil from sebaceous glands that secrete sebum, which keeps the hair moisturized.

Although sebum coats the hair shaft, making it flexible and shiny, if you let sebum stay around for too long it can quickly become a frenemy.

The longer your hair goes unwashed, the more excess oil builds up – causing your hair to collect more dirt and debris.

Too much oil = bad. Too much washing = bad.

Now what?

Finding the perfect wash cycle can be difficult. Wash your hair too much and it becomes dry and brittle. Don’t wash your hair enough, and it will become dirty and lifeless.

Not only is it hard to find a middle ground, there are also different lifestyle factors to take into account like:

Your hair type.

Rule of thumb says thick and curly hair can go longer without washing. On the contrary, thin and straight hair may require more frequent washing.

Your activity level.

If you are a frequent gym goer it is important to wash your hair more frequently. Sweat piles up, clogs pores, and dirties your hair faster.

Alright – the amount of times you should wash your hair really depends on an array of factors…

So, how often should I wash my hair?!

Generally dry hair types are safe to wash two times per week, while oily hair types may require washing on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, it truly depends on your hair type and lifestyle. Everyone’s hair is different, therefore, each head of hair requires a different type and amount of attention!

Learning your ideal wash cycle may come with a bit of trial and error. However, there will always be products out there to keep you going on non-wash days like dry shampoo and leave in conditioner!

There are several extra factors that impact your hair was cycle like styling products and the climate you live in – if you want to clear up the confusion about your hair wash cycle ask a stylist at your next visit with us!

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