DIY Homemade Body Scrub Recipe

  This DIY Body Scrub recipe is an easy, at-home way to exfoliate your skin, while also hydrating and moisturizing! You can customize this recipe so that it ends up being exactly what YOU need. Keep reading for instructions!   Written By: Allison Schade  

Safety Standards at the Academy of Beauty Professionals

You may have heard recent horror stories about people getting serious infections and even sometimes losing limbs at salons that do not adhere to proper safety and sanitation guidelines. Well we want to tell you the safety guidelines that our schools practice to make sure that this NEVER happens to one of our clients.  

DIY Tallow Balm: All-Natural Moisturizer!

Written by: Amy Vandenlangenberg Many lotions and balms on the market today contain preservatives and all sorts of chemicals and oil byproducts. It can be hard to find a good product with good ingredients… Fortunately, tallow balm is a nourishing and all-natural product that you can make at home, and it’s so easy!