Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty Enthusiast

Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Enthusiasts

What’s better than beauty products? More beauty products! This year we’re sharing a beauty gift guidefor all of those beauty enthusiasts out there.

To make it easy on you, we’ve separated gifts by beauty interest. Whether you know a glam lover, hair lover, or skincare lover – we’ve suggested something for all!

The holidays are the best time of year to score some major deals on beauty products. If you’re buying for yourself ;), or loved ones – read on to get the tea on must-have holiday products!

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Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Blog Post

Cold temps, low humidity, and harsh winds can take a toll on your skin during the winter months. From cozying up by the fireplace, snowy walks, or ice skating adventures – these festivities can have some harsh side effects on your skin!

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect and replenish your skin from the brutal winter elements. To give you a head start on your winter skincare routine, we’re going to list a few tips to keep your skin healthy and happy all winter long!


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Is Cosmetology School Hard?

Is Cosmetology School Hard? Blog Post Image

Is Cosmetology School Hard?

Cosmetology school can differ from traditional schools. Why?! Because it offers a unique learning environment. You learn in both the classroom and hand on in the performance floor. Typically if students have struggled with a traditional learning environment, like high school, they find cosmetology school to be easier. The great thing about cosmetology is it integrates both types of learning styles!

To become a licensed cosmetologist the state requires you to pass the state licensing exam. Students who struggle with taking tests tend to dread the idea of taking a state exam; however, we have several tips and tools that prepare our students for the written and practical exam – no matter what your learning style is!

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